Vitamin C is an important aspect of anyone’s diet. For anyone that’s ever had the common cold Vitamin C is always recommended. It may not completely cure your cold but it is known to help prevent the cold from worsening. Citrus fruits are quite known for containing high levels of vitamin C.

So how do you get to these important vitamins? You juice them, of course, it’s only the smart thing to do. These days extracting the nutrients from your fruits and vegetables are much easier and beneficial. These days there are any juicers on the market. Today’s post, however, focuses on my top rated juicing machines. These are great if you like indulge in freshly made orange juice every day.


A quick search and you’ll realize this a popular machine among juice lovers for many reasons. It takes juicing citrus simple and easy. It’s a best seller on Amazon which unfortunately makes it also currently unavailable for purchase. There’s no doubt that this machine is powerful. It has claims of being able to juice 50 citrus fruits in 5 mins.

It’s 70- watt motor is surprisingly quiet for the work it puts out. When purchased this machine comes equipped with 2 reamers. A smaller reamer suitable to fruits such as limes and lemons and a larger one suitable for fruits such as grapefruit and oranges.

This machine is easy to clean with its stainless steel casing and easily assembled and pulled apart parts. Its small size makes it a perfect fit for apartments and kitchens with less counter space. It’s also covered by a 1-year warranty and no fees to pay when repairs are needed.


Similar to the Epica this machine is known for providing it users with a great experience. It features stainless steel parts but its casing is plastic and is also simple to operate and keep clean. It comes equipped with two reamers. A small one suitable for lemons and lime and a large one that is better for oranges and grapefruit.

The tribest are able to store the cord under the machine to ensure you’re not struggling for space due to the cord. it allows you to unravel as much as needed at the moment. This is great for
small counters and space savers in the kitchen. It is also covered by a 1-year warranty and at a price of $49.95 it is a great investment.


You’ve heard of many machines going “smart”. This machine is definitely one of them. It features reverse reamers, Pulp control, a spin feature all for the price of $21.88. There are three options to choose from to ensure your juice is customized to your taste.

Unlike the other model, this one has only one reamer. Surprisingly, however, it fits all size citrus sizes. It’s great for those who like to have no part of their citrus wasted but still have it smooth as well. Other users have found it to be quite loud compared to the others mentioned here. Also though there is a warranty the company charges $10.00 for any repairs done to the model.

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