Fabulous Knives For Your Kitchen Needs

Knives are crucial in the kitchen as they are used in slicing and chopping onions, cutting meat, slicing tomatoes and carrots among others. To find the best kitchen knives, you should consider how well it cuts and retains the edge after use. One should also consider the ease of use, like the comfort of the handle.

If you are planning to buy a set of knives and wondering which ones are the best, you have come the right place. This list will also show you the different types of kitchen knives available.

J.A. Henckles

Henckels is a German knife-maker who makes the Pro S line of kitchen knives. It is one of the finest kitchen knives from this company. It is made of steel to make it stronger. Its handles look like they are made of wood. However, they are made with a synthetic material for longevity. Once sharpened, it only requires regular honing to remain sharp.

The knife has a sharp angle edge on the spine, which wears into index finger. However, rounding the spin with a 1″ wide strip cloth solves the problem.

Shun Classic

Shun Classic chef’s knife is a Japanese make. It is ideal when slicing thin cuts. It is made of stainless high carbon stainless steel and has a Damascus layer that gives it a beautiful finish. The hard steel makes it the best choice or cutting meat. It has a thin tip that breaks when chopping bones. However, the tip doesn’t break when the knife is used for the right purpose.

Wusthof Classic

Wusthof Classic Ikon 7-Inch Santoku is made the German knife-maker called Wusthof. The knife has a classic Ikon curved handle which feels better on hands. The knife is a sankotu, which is a Japanese-style blade. This gives it the width of a long knife without the undesirable length.

Despite its edge not being as aggressive as other chef knives, the difference is insignificant.

I hope this summary has given you enough possibilities to choose from. A good knife saves you time and energy when using it. Stay with the knife that best works best for you.

2017 Best Kitchen Knives Reviews

Cooking involves various activities which end up making the cook happy or tired. slicing and dicing is a very vital to me when preparing my meals. As a professional chef, I thought getting the cooking formula right was the general part of my cooking only to realize whenever I used the knives, I ended up getting poor cuts and fatigued wrist from uncomfortable grips of knives. I needed to go professional not only in my chef’s career but also in my knives utilizing part.

Kitchen Knives Testing and Kitchen Knives Reviews

I set on a journey to research for the best knives that are professionally made to handle kitchen cutting tasks. Of course it was impossible for me to test all the knives myself so kitchen knife reviews 2017 really helped quite a bit. Here are the results of my extensive research

Victorinox 8 Inch Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife

The Victorinox chef’s knife is an all-purpose knife and can be used for shredding cabbages, dicing onions, crushing garlic, mincing shallots as well as slicing meat of any variety. The fantastic feature that made me like the knife is its non-slippery handle that even with a wet hand, it gives you an excellent grip than other knives on a dry hand. The knife is an 1888 Switzerland ideal product that has received blade and angle improvisation for more than a hundred years making the knife the result behind the great brains of legend chefs.The knife has a superior weight and balance together with 15 degrees bending angle on both edge making cutting simple and exciting.The knife has the world best reviews. Hence the knife has gained trust for quality services.

AROCCOM Ceramic Chef Knife

If the sanity matters in your cutting, which I bet it does, this knife fits your needs best. Aroccom ceramic knife is made of oxidant zirconium which is a bacteria resistant and doesn’t rust so if you put your knives in dishwater, this is the best rust proof knife. The knife has a great non-slippery handle and is lightweight.The knife has a great design that doesn’t absorb food element and is very easy to clean.the knife has a sharp cut and is very easy to sharpen with a honing steel. It is very useful in slicing tomatoes as well as dicing and mincing other elements.it can take a year before re-sharpening because of its ceramic blade.

Wusthof Classic 8-Inch Cook’s Knife

The Wusthof knife has a high-carbon stainless steel and a full tang making an exception in providing great cuts in preparing various food elements.The knife has a synthetic handle for a solid grip as well as a finger guard for safety. Wusthof guarantees durability and security to the chef.

These three knives gave me an experience of a life time and cooking time has never been the same again. Shredding, mincing and dicing are now my favorite part in meal preparation. Whenever I grab a knife and hum along my favorite tune, the preparation part becomes as great as you can never imagine.

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